Sunday, October 4, 2009

Countdown, Day 4: The Ghost Breakers

I first saw this film when I was young, and I absolutely loved it. I was always a fan of Bob Hope (my godfather was the spitting image of Bob Hope, it was too weird!). I was so thrilled when they finally released it on DVD a few years back, I got tired of watching my worn VHS copy of it.This movie has some great laughs as well as some great chills, and is always one of my favorites to watch during the Halloween season, do yourself a favor if you like Bob Hope and ghosts and watch it!
Also, check out Scared Stiff starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. It was made a few years after The Ghost Breakers and it's a remake of The Ghost Breakers, almost line for line, but it still plays great with the comedy duo team of Martin and Lewis.

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