Saturday, October 3, 2009

Countdown, day 3: Frankenstein (1931)

When I was a little boy living in New Jersey, my parents were up late one night and were watching TV so i joined them. Little did I know the movie they were watching would have a strong impact on me and mold me into the person and monster lover I am today...that film was Frankenstein starring Boris Karloff. Now I'm sure any horror fan worth his weight in fake blood has seen this film, and if they haven't, they aren't fit to carry the title of horror movie fan. This is a classic and should be required viewing for anyone who loves monster and horror movies! And of course, if you plan on watching this film, you certainly cannot watch it without following it with The Bride of Frankenstein! If you've never seen these films, by all means treat yourself, and if you have seen them, then treat yourself to them again!

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