Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Countdown, Day 21: Night Of The Living Dead

The movie that started it all...flesh-eating zombies! Yes, zombies have been featured in motion pictures for many years, going back to the 1930s with films such as "White Zombie", but George Romero's classic Night Of The Living Dead started a genre that to this day is continuously imitated and duplicated. And although this film may have been inspired by other films, there had been no other film like it. It definitely broke ground for decades of zombies films to come, it also launched a very successful franchise for George Romero, which include the films Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead and Land Of The Dead. I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the folks involved in the film 2 weeks ago at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend. I Spoke with Bill Hinzman (cemetery zombie), Russell Streiner (Johnny), George Kasana (the sheriff) and John Russo (screenplay writer), and it was great hearing some of the behind-the-scenes stories they had to share. Night Of The Living Dead is definitely a film you should watch late at night, with a big bowl of popcorn and the lights turned off....if you're brave enough!

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