Thursday, October 22, 2009

Countdown, Day 22: SPOOKS and WOT A NIGHT cartoons

Here we have 2 different spooky cartoons, both made during the 1930's. The first cartoon, Spooks, features Flip the Frog, a character drawn and created by Ub Iwerks, who worked on the Disney classic "Skeleton Dance" as well as "Skeleton Frolic" (both featured in my Halloween countdown). In Spooks, Flip finds himself caught in a storm and decides to seek shelter in a creepy old house. There he comes across a seemingly friendly skeleton host who invites him to dinner, unaware that his host has more sinister plans for poor 'ol Flip.

Next we have Wot A Night, filmed in 1931, featuring Tom and Jerry (not the cat and mouse, but 2 characters created by the Van Beuren Studios, many years before MGM did their cat and mouse cartoons). Tom and Jerry are 2 taxi drivers who pick up a couple of odd, bearded men and give them a ride to a creepy old castle. There, our heroes find themselves surrounded by spooks and musical skeletons.

These cartoons are both great finds and perfect examples of how spooky themes were so prevalent even back in the 1930s. You have to remember some of the greatest classic monster films came from the 1930s, Dracula, Frankenstein, King Kong as well as many others. I hope you enjoy the cartoons!

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