Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ghoul Rock, Death Rock, Horrorpunk, call it what you will, but Glenn Danzig had his hand in creating what it is today. Born Glenn Allen Anzalone, on June 23rd, 1955, Danzig went on to become one of music's originators of the Horrorpunk genre. With his group The MISFITS, Danzig inspired and influenced more bands than I could possibly even name,..bands like Metallica and AFI have all named The Misfits and Glenn Danzig as influences. With his band The Misfits, then later with SAMHAIN and his current band DANZIG, have made him a progenitor of the horror punk subgenre of music. Make sure you pick up Danzig's latest album, DETH RED SABAOTH, which was released yesterday...if you're a Danzig fan, I HIGHLY recommend it! Happy Birthday to the Prince of Horror Rock!

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