Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Born William Claude Rains on November 10th, 1889, we first saw (or should I say didn't see) Claude in his first starring role as The Invisible Man, directed by James Whale. Claude started his acting career on the London stage, but soon made the transition to film. After The Invisible Man, Claude started building up quite a hefty resumé of film, starring in such classics as The Adventures of Robin Hood, with Errol Flynn, Casablanca, co-starring Humphrey Bogart, and in Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious. Claude also established himself in the horror genre, starting of course with The Invisible Man, then starring as another classic monster, The Phantom Of The Opera. We also know Claude as Larry Talbot's concerned father in Universal Studio's classic The Wolf Man. Read more about Claude's amazing career on his Wikipedia page.
Happy Birthday Claude!


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