Monday, November 23, 2009


Born William Henry Pratt, on November 23rd, 1887, Boris Karloff went on to become the most famous and recognized actors in the horror genre, earning the title "King of Monsters". Although he has performed in over 80 films before starring in the movie that made him a star, Frankenstein (1931), Boris Karloff went on to become a massive success, not only in films, but radio, stage and eventually on television. Boris went on to play such fantastic characters as the Frankenstein monster, The Mummy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and many many more. I credit Boris Karloff on a personal level as being the reason I got into horror to begin with. As a small child I watched Frankenstein and it forever changed me into the horror fanatic I am today. Boris had a magnificent career, which has had a lasting influence on many actors and filmmakers.I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of interviewing the daughter of Boris Karloff, Sara Karloff (pictured above with Boris) at Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend last October. She shared some wonderful personal stories about her dad, and it was definitely a great experience for me, being such a huge fan of her father. Below are some pictures from our meeting. To read more about Boris' incredible life and career, check out his Wikipedia page. Happy Birthday Boris!!


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  2. I bet there are more than a few Karloff fans here! So let me draw your attention to "KARLOFF," the new one-person stage play authorized by Sara Karloff. I hope you come take a look at what's happening over at this new Facebook page: