Sunday, September 26, 2010


ZACHERLE, Born John Zacherle on September 26, 1918 (also known as Zacherley), is probably one of the best known Horror Hosts in television history, right next to Vampira and Elvira. His horror host career started in 1957, when he created the character of "Roland" for Philadelphia's SHOCK THEATER. He eventually became "Zacherle" in 1959, then started hosting CHILLER THEATRE in New York a few years later. With the release of several horror novelty records, his hosting of several horror movie shows and even an American Bandstand-style dance music show called Disc-o-Teen, Zacherle remains one of the most recognized figures in the horror host community, and will always be the Godfather of Horror Hosts! Happy Birthday to the Coolest Ghoul ever!

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