Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Some time around August of 2009, my band, The Van Orsdels, kinda stopped playing. Our bassist quit and after a long search for a new bassist turned up empty, the band kinda just lost it's desire to continue. Right about the same time, September 2nd to be exact, my wife gave birth to my son, Zachary Price. I then made my mind up to not continue with The Van Orsdels, at least for the time being, and focus on my family. Some time went by and I started getting a hankerin' to make some music. I was missing it, not necessarily the performance end, playing shows, etc., but just making music itself. My time was very restricted, between work and family, so I definitely didn't have time to devote to my band, much less start a new band. But I did find myself with the desire to create and record new music, if anything at least to keep myself musically active, for fun, and with all the proper equipment at my disposal at home, I could do it anytime I wanted, on my free time. That's when I decided to start The Family Ghouls. The Family Ghouls is technically not a band, since it's only me performing the songs and playing all the instruments. And since my time is limited, I work on music when I can, stealing spare minutes here and there. It's alot of fun for me, and it does give me the opportunity to get my musical frustration out. I created a MySpace profile for The Family Ghouls, which you can access by clicking the image above. Feel free to take a listen, it's not much and I'm definitely not going to be breaking the Billboard Top 40, but I enjoy it, and I hope you do too!

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  1. that's funny, been through & going through the same thing myself, minus the offspring...have fun!