Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Vincent Leonard Price Jr. was born on this day, May 27th, 1911. I shouldn't have to tell you all who Vincent Price is, or how much he accomplished in his lifetime, but the man is and always will be the model of a consummate actor. His accomplishments, not only on film, but also on TV, stage, recordings and other media, will always attest to his wonderful talent. in his career he managed to star in over 103 films, as well as many TV appearances. Vincent Price is, and will always remain one of my personal heroes. To read more about Vincent's amazing life, please check out his filmography and read his Wikipedia page. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCENT! We miss you!

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  1. I would just say, tha of all the celebrities, all the actors, actresses, stage performers, heroes, villians, and even monsters,...Vincent Price is the one person, Gentleman, whom I most regret not having had a conversation with. And now he's gone from us. Vincent, you must know how loved you were in life, and how missed you are now and forever. RLT