Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finally! Some good news from Universal!

Universal Home Entertainment will be introducing a limited edition 100th Anniversary Collector’s Series featuring some of the aforementioned film restorations on Blu-ray in collectible, book-style packaging showcasing rare movie memorabilia and brand new 10-minute video featurettes. In addition, special collections will be released throughout the year, culminating in the highly anticipated Blu-rayTM releases of Universal’s Classic Monster and Alfred Hitchcock series. A selection of movies that have shaped Universal’s legacy will also be released in commemorative packaging, many of them on Blu-rayTM for the first time ever. Some of the films listed are:
Spanish Dracula
Bride of Frankenstein
All Quiet on the Western Front
Out of Africa
The Birds
Buck Privates
Schindler’s List
Out of Africa
Pillow Talk
The Sting
To Kill a Mockingbird

Finally! JAWS on blu-ray!!!

1 comment:

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